Welcome to Confluence Facilitation

We create ways for people to connect and talk about who they are and what they need. We help organisations talk about their values in order to work together, and with their clients, more effectively.

“Stories are the secret reservoir of values” (Ben Okri)

At Confluence Facilitation, we work closely with our clients to create opportunities for people and organisations to share who they are and what they value most. When colleagues talk about what’s important to them, they are more likely to work with greater cohesion and less friction. As a result, staff teams become more productive and work at their best. 


Fundamentally, we believe time spent hearing different perspectives is time well spent, because it lessens the likelihood of misunderstanding and disagreement that costs time to resolve. In a world of high-speed sound bites and limited status updates, we believe in giving people opportunity to explain themselves more fully. The stories we choose to tell about ourselves carry meaning.


Our workshop creates space for staff teams to talk about the joys and strains of work, as well as receive training on how to sustain energy over the long run.

Interpersonal communication

We provide training on effective communication focussing on perspective sharing to reduce conflict in the work place. We use practical communication models that equip staff to navigate difficult conversations.

Values and Ethos

We assist organisations to work together with greater cohesion by facilitating focussed conversation about an organisation’s core beliefs and how they are expressed in practice.

Diversity and Mutual Understanding

We provide consultancy and training for schools seeking to develop their approach to inclusion through the curriculum, especially in integrated schools or through Shared Education projects.